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Mphatso Khoza MA, LPCA, LCDCI, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate 

You have found yourself at a crossroads in life and the choices that you face seem foreboding and challenging. Maybe you are in the middle of a significant life transition and are in need of a partnership that can help with the navigation around uncertainty and ambiguity. You are viewing your relationships within a new framework and you need to re-imagine your basis for significance. You have discovered that there are issues associated with unfinished business that are impeding your relational and familial connections. If you fall into these categories, then I offer myself as a fellow sojourner on the road to new meaning. 

In relationships, each person's story has equal right to occupy its own sacred space between people. I channel my life experience, emotional and social intelligence to appreciate the uniqueness and non-determinism of my lived experience while holding inviolable space for you to do that same. I am focused on your growth, self-discovery and empowerment.

In addition to being a professional counselor, I am also an engineer by profession and have spent the last 30 years in the corporate world in various roles of increasing responsibility.  I understand the stress associated with achieving balance between work and life goals.

Talking to others outside of trusted circles can seem difficult and even shameful. Our cultural socializations predispose prescribed responses to emotional and mental health helpers. I understand this response and it is normal. I invite you, however, to envision a future where you are able to cope in ways that are more healthy. Let us get there together.

My areas of specialty are depression, anxiety, career coaching/counseling, addiction to substances, sex (pornography) addiction, infidelity, male issues, couples/relationship counseling, adolescent counseling, LGBTQ counseling, spiritual hurt counseling, financial counseling, physical wellness goals and racial trauma counseling.

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Shivana Khoza FCCA, M.Sc.

Certified Leadership Coach

Shivana has worked in the corporate world for 26+ years.  She started off her career as an Exploration and Production (E&P) Accountant and has progressed through various levels of increasing responsibility and leadership primarily within oil and gas companies.  She has first-hand experience and knowledge of the effort required to develop people and teams in the pursuit of excellent product delivery.  

Shivana has a keen passion for team development and leadership coaching.  She is passionate about helping others live into their value and believes that "Valued People Become Valuable Teams."  Shivana is driven to help leaders connect authentically with their teams, where members feel valued, empowered and are working effectively together.

In addition to her experience and professional qualifications as a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountants (FCCA), Shivana is a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, certified Life and Health Coach with the Health Coach Institute and a Certified Financial Coach through Ramsey Solutions.  She is a Certified Associate with Take Flight Learning, having completed the Taking Flight with DISC Certification.  Shivana is also a Wiley Authorized Partner for both the Everything DiSC® suite of applications as well as The Five Behaviors®.  Having completed the Working Genius Certification Training, through the Table Group, Shivana is also a Certified Working Genius Facilitator.

Shivana works with organizations and people from all professional walks of life who are looking for training in such areas as leadership skills, team development, career coaching, and life coaching.  Through her Authorized Partnerships with Wiley and her connections with Maxwell Leadership, Take Flight Learning and The Table Group, Shivana is accredited to leverage various assessments tools in her work with clients.  She draws on both her experience and the wealth of material from her affiliations with some of the best leadership experts to provide customized programs that meet the unique needs of professional individuals and teams.

Whether you are seeking to develop your team or your personal leadership skills, reach out to Shivana at to learn more about how she can help you achieve greater success. You can also book your free discovery session with Shivana by clicking this link. Learn more at