About Us

Dear Friend,

Jesus Lifts was born out of a need to create a sense of affirmation that transcends what is immediate and visible.  We all have innate strengths and abilities that need encouragement, coaching and development.

    The concept of Jesus Lifts is to allow people to encounter the true source of their value. As they do, they can experience freedom to enjoy life, experience self-care as a way of being rather than a path to self-worth and be the best version of themselves.

    As followers of Jesus, we think that his message continues to find application in a world where there is increasing distance between things that are spiritual and those that are temporal.  We seek to create insight for the individual using coaching and counseling techniques that are evidence based and grounded in universal truth.

    Use our various links to refresh yourself, extract encouragement and find help for your journey.  This is what Jesus Lifts is all about.

    Your Friends,

    Shivana and Mphatso