Fear Buster!

Have you ever sat to do something – something you know you want to do, you’re excited about doing, it is meaningful – yet you go blank? Not even sure where to start… And then that “blankness” makes you procrastinate… Do you relate to this? This has been me for quite some time when it comes to writing…  

For some time now (years, actually), I’ve felt a desire to write. I started a few times, but always bumped up on something that took my momentum away. The momentum killers varied – too busy with work, family commitments, severely sick child, marital problems, etc. But I noticed most of these were disguises for the real reason I stopped – fear that I would be no good at writing and my efforts will result in failure.  

Fear is common (which is why you can find a ton of books on the topic of overcoming fear!). But fear is not all bad. God gave us the ability to feel fear, so there is purpose in fear. But like every good thing God gives us, the enemy seeks to use it in destructive ways in our lives. While God intends for us to use fear as a navigation tool to avoid danger, the enemy uses fear to keep up from living purposefully. When we stay under the grip of fear, we feel life slipping away, meaning bleeding out… fear can be like a hose, syphoning the joy, purpose, and meaning out of our lives.  

There is something in your heart that you feel called to do, but like many of us, you might be shrinking back from pursuing that thing. As a follower of Jesus, I have found the best antidote for my fear is to acknowledge it, confess it to God, and then get into action doing the thing I am scared to do. As I get into action, fear starts to dissolve because my energy is refocused on the action and no longer on the fear.  The fact that you are reading this is a testimony to me acting in spite of my fear. So guess what, you can do it too! You can start doing that thing you feel called to do in spite of fear. Many before you have done exactly that. As you push past your fear, you will be an inspiration for someone after you to go after their dreams too.

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