Essential Boundary Statements

If you struggle with people pleasing as I have in the past, here are 10 must use statements with which you must make peace and include in any interactions you have with people who are not your spouse or school-aged children.  Practice saying these out loud if necessary.  Seek help if you are unable to picture yourself saying these:

I (care for you, love you...whatever is appropriate) BUT

1. I am NOT your caretaker.

2. I am NOT responsible for ensuring your emotional comfort.

3. I am NOT the clarifier of your ambiguity.

4. I am NOT your free encourager.

5. I am NOT your free spiritual guide.

6. I am NOT your free counselor.

7. I am NOT your free coach.

8. I am NOT your source of validation.

9. I am NOT your free listener.

10.  I am NOT your doer.

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