Recognizing that life is not fair is a developmental milestone.  The inequity associated with the availability of opportunities can sometimes be obvious.  Many times, it is not.  When you find yourself at this junction, there are two choices.  You can allow the injustice to swallow you or if “it” doesn’t exist, you can create it.  What is “it”“It” can be the network that you don’t have, that you need to secure that next role.  “It” can be the collection of advocates who need to vocalize support for you in rooms that you don’t inhabit. “It” can be the actual opportunity to actualize your potential or show what you can do.  Whatever “it” is, if non-existent, you can create it.

So, what do you need to do that?  I am so glad you asked. Over my career I have experienced my share of misfortune and disappointment – not receiving the promotion I was expecting; not being selected for the role for which I applied; not being selected for the prestigious development program.  Any one of these disappointments could have resulted in deeply negative feelings.  What I share below has prevented this and resulted in an attitude that is resilient by default.  To frame it, I use the acrostic C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N.



Set the Context.  Situations are neither ALL good nor bad. They are a mix of both.   


Engage your Rational mind to separate thoughts and feelings (they aren’t the same!).  Allow for separate spaces to interact with these two aspects of self. 


Exercise judgment in separating thoughts into two categories – within your control, outside of your control.


For those thoughts that are within your control, what are the Actions that you need to take? 


Consult with trusted others to determine the proper Timing and content of your action plan. 


Include the God of the visible and invisible as you present your action plan to him in prayer.  He will validate and optimize it. 


Occupy whatever space you are currently in.  Do your best with whatever opportunity you currently have or in whatever situation you are in! Don’t lie down and die! 


Stay Near to God and others. Don’t abandon community.  Don’t lose confidence in God’s goodness and his ability to create it for you!

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