30 Sayings to Live By

Whether you believe in the Bible or not, good wisdom is hard to refute.  In the book of Proverbs, between 22:23 and 24:22 (chapter:verse), King Solomon (990 BC to 931 BC) is reputed to have written these 30 sayings to live by.  They are still applicable today.

  1. Don’t be a bully!  
  2. Choose your friends carefully. 
  3. Don’t make promises that you cannot keep. 
  4. Don’t steal what belongs to others. 
  5. Work at becoming skilled in your passion.
  6. Learn to restrain yourself. 
  7. Pursue wealth for the right reasons. 
  8. Avoid taking gifts that have strings. 
  9. Be careful with whom you share your valuable thoughts. 
  10. Have a fearful respect of civil law. 
  11. Always seek opportunities to learn and grow. 
  12. Model disciplined behaviors to those that you love. 
  13. Wisdom through the mouth is wisdom in the heart and vice versa. 
  14. Don’t envy people their success. 
  15. Find and follow your own path. Avoid negative people!
  16. Learning and growth are worth the price. They bring joy to those that you love and those that love you. 
  17. Be aware of your vulnerabilities and susceptibilities. Do not live in delusion and denial. 
  18. Don’t blame others for consequences that arise because of your bad choices. Admit culpability and seek help. 
  19. You will know a shortcut when it presents itself. Avoid it.  It leads to a dead end. 
  20. Life is not an accident. It is a deliberate exercise in creation. Intentionality is therefore required. Nothing desired is gained by coincidence. 
  21. Invest the time to find trustworthy people who can encourage and advise you; people who are going in the same direction of learning and growth. 
  22. Do not be afraid to admit ignorance. Silence is better than the absence of vocal restraint. 
  23. A schemer intentionally undermines others. A mocker jokingly denigrates shared values for the sake of amusement. Both labels are detested by others and difficult to remove. Be neither. 
  24. Life is a series of challenges that present opportunities for growth. You don’t move to the next level until learning from the previous level is fully internalized and applied. 
  25. Be an advocate for those who do not enjoy your privilege. 
  26. Being open to learning and growth establishes a unique way of being that helps to navigate life’s choices.  There are things in life, however, that were made for enjoyment. Find them. Enjoy them. 
  27. Resilience is a characteristic of those who acknowledge and relate to a Higher Power. Calamity befalls all others.
  28. Don’t take comfort when calamity befalls people with whom you compare yourself negatively. 
  29. We were created for eternity. Living only for the temporal is therefore an act of misinformed ignorance and should generate a sense of sadness. 
  30. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced into divine disobedience. The consequences can be disastrous. 


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