The Twin - Denial and Rationalization

Denial and rationalization are a twin that operate in our lives to help us cope.  They are defense mechanisms that we develop because we are unable to go past certain hurts or stuck points.  Denial is defined as “closing one’s eyes” to the existence of a threatening aspect of reality.  Rationalization is defined as manufacturing “good” reasons to explain away a bruised self.  Both can mask themselves as protective in nature but quickly wear out their welcome.  Instead of coping, we adjust to the new reality that we paint for ourselves and completely ignore the signals from our environment.

Being connected to others helps us to be fully known – by God and others.  When we default to behaviors that tap into our tendency to deny and rationalize, we can depend on those around us to help us with restoring authenticity.  Facing our coping mechanisms can be frightening.  We have known them so long and they tend to feel comfortable.  But healthy living and relating is on the other side of engagement. 

Allow those that you trust to speak into your life.  Build relationships that will result in the communication of healthy feedback.  Be courageous and ask others to encourage you.  We were not designed to walk alone.

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