My Shepherd - Psalm 23 Personalized

I belong to God.  He takes care of me.  This is His responsibility, not mine; therefore, I will never be in need.  He will always provide everything that I need.

He is my source of peace and security.  He heals me when I am hurting.  He teaches me all that I need to grow and mature; He develops my character.

Even if I face my biggest fear, I will choose not to be afraid because God will be right there with me.  I am exactly where I need to be, hemmed in by His protective hedge.

God is my source; not my boss, my bank account, or anyone/anything else.  It is He who gives me all that I have or desire, even when Satan tries to prevent it.

I am special in His eyes; a son/daughter who deserves only the best and He will demonstrate His love and affection to me in a way that lets me know it and others see it.

No matter whether good or bad things are happening to me, I win in the end.  I win now and I win forever.

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