We can all relate to distress or the desperation trouble causes. We know how badly people can hurt us and we have felt the heaviness of guilt for the hurt we have caused others. We are familiar with the dark shadows of shame and want them lifted, forever removed and replaced with freedom from our hurts, hang-ups and habits. The problems and unmanageability in our lives made life difficult and probably sapped up our joy. For many of us, the desperation propelled us into recovery.

We enter recovery searching for a more wholesome, healthy life than the one we had – whether it is for sobriety, for wisdom, for understanding, acceptance, strength, freedom, forgiveness, for hope or our true identity… As we keep working the program, we grow in this new life. One of the best parts about recovery is gaining a new and authentic relationship with Jesus as I surrender to the invitation to let Him be God over me. When I submit to Him, I stop hiding or trying to fix my life. In recovery, I have learned to believe in God’s power and to trust in the truth of His word. Even though I still have troubles, I look to the Lord in my times of desperation and find rest in Him. He promises to make me radiant with joy, give me freedom from shame and preservation through the troubles of life.

The wonderful thing is that He wants to do this for each of us! No matter what you have done or how troubled life is, He wants to remove your shame and make you radiant in the light of Jesus. If you were in prison for years and suddenly were told you are free to go, won’t you gladly, and quickly, accept that freedom? Well, through the sacrifice of the cross, Jesus invites us to step out of the prison of shame and into His radiant light; what is keeping you from accepting that invitation to freedom?

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