Do your workout; not more and not less!

10 Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Shivana and I are ardent believers in the benefits of physical exercise.  Although our exercise routines may be different, we try to be as consistent as possible. We both set goals and try to achieve them.  We are also keenly aware of our bodies and don’t push past our limits.

I like working with free weights and I am always amazed when, in the gym, I see people straining under loads that they have no business trying to lift.  For whatever reason, they attempt to do a workout that they are not built to handle.  Because our physical bodies are all structured differently some of us do well with endurance type activities (running, biking, swimming etc.) and others are better suited to strength type activities (lifting weights, body building etc.).  Some others can do both.  Once we determine into which category we fit, results come from a consistent adherence to the exercise program that suits us.

The same applies to goals.  Although our personal stories are different (like our physical make ups), results come from being consistent and adhering to the realistic plans that we set for ourselves.  We have to make the commitment and follow through.  I can’t design and work a self-improvement plan for my spouse, child, relative or friend.  I have to spend time to self-investigate.  I have to be curious about what drives me.  I have to be curious about where my hurts are and then ask God to help me in addressing these things specifically.  I can’t do these things, if I am trying to fix someone else.

I must do my workout; not more and not less! 

What does this look like for you?  Does this mean reaching out more often?  Does this mean joining an accountability group?  Does this mean getting a mentor, coach or some other type of help?   Whatever it is, make it fit who you are and then work it to the best of your abilityLook for times in your past when you have achieved goals successfully.  Incorporate the things that worked for you back then into what you plan to achieve now.  Avoid comparison and perfectionism.

You have the ability to be successful and we know that you can do it!

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