Make a Better Bad Decision

I once heard it said that good nutrition is about “making better bad decisions”. Let’s face it, we will make bad decisions. Because I have a weakness for sweets and salty/crunchy snacks, I have to plan for this eventuality… will happen, so I have to have a plan…I have to have alternatives that will help me to make a better bad decision. If I am craving candy, then a better bad decision might be some sweet fruit. If I am craving salty nuts, then a better bad decision might be some peanut butter. If I am craving ice cream, then a better bad decision might be yoghurt and fruit… get the drift.

I acknowledge the fact that I will be tempted to make a bad decision. I plan for it by having a better alternative so that WHEN it does happen, I have already thought about it. The same in life and recovery. Its 10 pm and you haven’t finished the piece of work for your boss in the morning. Decision time….you can either stay up, researching on the internet (feeling stressed and triggered) or you can go to bed and figure it out in the morning. Better bad decision….go to bed. God will honor your decision to maintain purity…..

God has promised to make a “way out” (other translations call this “a way of escape”). Wouldn’t it be great, if we could identify what that way is ahead of the temptation? I have learned that being intentional about “what if’s” is good for my sobriety. Playing potential situations forward and rehearsing a response that removes me from tempting situations helps me to be prepared.

Are you struggling with a temptation that can derail? Open up about it. Talk to other and devise some escape strategies. We are all in this together.

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