Do The Opposite

I love to work out and if there is anything that I have learned, it is that the body is diametrically opposed to the mind. My body wants me to sit. My mind wants me to be active . My body wants me to rest. My mind wants me to move. My body wants to vegetate. My mind wants to me burn more calories…as the apostle Paul put it “For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out” …..get the picture? My will, mind and center of reasoning understand the importance of physical activity but it can be a challenge to convince my body of the same….and so, sometimes I have to bypass my bodily desire and do the thing anway….in other words, do the opposite of what my body is screaming to do. That is not easy and requires the development of discipline. The bible calls this “self-control”. Sometimes I have to tell my body “NO!”.

One way I have learned to develop this discipline is by using a workout schedule. I know what I am going to be working out, whether my body agrees or not….and barring any unforeseen circumstance (not feeling well, hurt etc), that is what I will do.

The same thing applies to life. Allowing for the discipline of scheduled time to do things helps us to move away from the tendency to procrastinate and sit on our YOU KNOW WHATS.  Don’t allow your time to be too unstructured. Create structure in your life. If this is a place of struggle, admit to it and enlist the help of others in your share group or accountability partners.

Do the opposite!

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